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Obama is breathing down Netanyahu’s neck to stop building in East Jerusalem. Abu Mazen threatens resignation and refuses to negotiate. Hamas takes over Gaza in a bloody coup and swears military resistance to Israel. Israel decimates Gaza and faces a world-wide backlash. Salam Fayed reveals his plans to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state. Settlers vow to never leave the West Bank and exact a “price tag” on the local Palestinians. Intellectuals across the world draw the parallels between Israel and Apartheid South Africa….

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is ridden with emotions and seems almost intractable, and maybe it is, intractable. There are many blogs and organizations who are committed to solving it along the way they find appropriate.

This blog is about THE OTHER conflict Israel has with an Arab country, the Israeli-Syrian conflict, and the promotion of a solution to this conflict. It has been said before that in the Middle East, there can’t be war without  Egypt and there can’t be peace without Syria.

One has to face it, in the Levant, there are exactly two main players: Syria and Israel. Many Syrians and Palestinians see the Palestinians as part of the extended Syrian nation. A long-term solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict lies in Syrian-Israeli mutual recognition. It is the key to the puzzle.

On the other hand, no other conflict has become as potentially lethal, as the one that can ensue between Israel and Syria, if these two countries failed to solve their disputes in a diplomatic manner. The repercussions of a full-scale war between Israel and Syria are incalculable, not just for Israelis and Syrians, but for the rest of the neighboring peoples as well: Palestinians, Jordanians and Lebanese, and even beyond.

The Israeli-Syrian track has never been as “appealing” as the Israeli-Palestinian track: there is no clear underdog, no gross and enduring human rights violations, and even the border is deceavingly quiet. The Golan is not as significant in the Jewish psyche as Jerusalem and Hebron are. Human rights groups who assist the Palestinians, do not have to face the moral question of aligning themselves with a regime that has been slammed time and again with human rights violations, such as the Syrian regime. So many reasons to want to deal with the mesmerising Palestinian problem and save the Syrian problem “for later”.

Even organizations such as the Israeli “Peace Now” cannot be bothered with Israeli-Syrian peace!

The problem is, we can’t defer this problem “for later”. This “later” could come after tens of thousands of dead from both sides. The desire to procrastinate is deceiving. Peace with Syria must be obtained now.

Here is an invitation: in the name of peace, make it your cause, to resolve the conflict between the two main regional players in the Levant.

Visit the Web site of the Israel-Syria Peace Society

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