This blog is dedicated to the exploration of past, present and future peaceful co-existence between all inhabitants of the Middle East, with an emphasis on Syrian-Israeli relationships.

Intro from Shai:

Hi Everyone.  I’m also an Israeli, living in Israel, sharing the same dream as my pal Yossi’s.  I’ve been fortunate and privileged enough, to have grown up in the U.S., together with Arabs from throughout the Middle East.  Having the opportunity and ability to interact with, listen to, learn from, and indeed befriend so many so-called “enemies of Israel” over all these years, undoubtedly shaped my views of life, of the long and painful Arab-Israeli conflict, of my own people, and of the utmost need to change the reality in our region.

I truly believe that most in the Middle East have been robbed of a free and peaceful life, because of a handful of leaders that knew nothing beyond the systematic maintaining of the endless cycles of hatred, suspicion, and bloodshed.  To this day, the same types of leaders hold the fate of our region in their hands.  It is, therefore, up to us to try to change that reality.

While I recognize that without direct involvement in politics it may be difficult to greatly influence the course of our future, I do believe that communication can have a significant contribution in shaping our own views, and those of others.  The motivation and support required at the grassroots level, can often be found through interaction in discussion arenas such as the one we are now creating.

It is my deepest hope that this exploration will assist us in discovering and creating new bridges across the emotional and physical realms that continue to divide us, as members of the same region, who will share the same future.

4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Alex Says:

    Dear Shai and Yossi*

    With the two of you on-board, I have no doubt that this blog will soon be on the list of favorite blogs for many of your “enemy” readers.

    Best wishes (not that you will need it) for success of this blog.

    Good luck (you will need it) for achieving your wonderful dream for our lovely Middle East.


    * in alphabetical order

  2. Shai Says:


    Indeed it was you that inspired us to create our own blog. It is because of you, and your wonderful forum and its participants, that we continue to generate hope and strength that our dream can and will become a reality.

  3. qunfuz Says:

    Congratulations on the blog. I’ll follow it with interest.

  4. netsp Says:

    Hi guys,

    Any chance you’ll put up an email?

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